Roots of our identity



KalaCafe’s logo combines 3 elements.

kaa symbol

The core of the design is KA,  the first letter of Indian Devanagari script. It denotes the first alphabet ‘Ka’ of name ‘KalaCafe’ in Devanagari. This ties in with our belief of being rooted in tradition yet open to progressiveness. As much as we believe in keeping the traditional art intact; we also support innovation through a blend of tradition with contemporary designs.

mustacheMustache is symbolic of our Indian artists – their talent, skills and confidence with which they have retained the essence of India’s rich culture and traditions for generations.

ELEPHANT GAJRAJElephant motif has been represented in historical Indian art forms in many ways – stones carvings, sculpture, jewellery, pottery and traditional paintings. Two elephants of our logo align with classical representation of elephants in symmetrical form.

Finally our tagline – Celebrate art.

celebrate art

India is abounding with rich Indian art forms. Here, the local culture and tradition are kept alive through region specific art forms. When art, artists and art lovers from across regions come together on a single platform facilitated by us, it is an occasion of true celebration – learning about art & artist’s way of life, discovering moments of happiness while experiencing the process of creation of art, appreciating authentic art…

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Design credits to Sunil Tunagaria