Learning Miniature Art


An exhilarating experience of learning the process of painting miniature art from renowned art guru Shri. Lalit Sharma from Rajasthan.


Grinding and mixing stone colors


Readying a royal element to be painted; and here it begins…

kalacafe-7 kalacafe-6

kalacafe-8 kalacafe-9 kalacafe-10 kalacafe-11    kalacafe-16 kalacafe-17 kalacafe-18 kalacafe-19 kalacafe-20 kalacafe-21 kalacafe-22 kalacafe-23 kalacafe-24 kalacafe-25 kalacafe-26 kalacafe-27 kalacafe-28 kalacafe-29  kalacafe-101 kalacafe-102

This moderate level art piece took 4 hours to complete; a small finer work takes around 2 days of sitting with the artist.

If you also want to experience this exquisite art; we are just a mail away…

For Mumbai art lovers, we are holding an exclusive miniature painting workshop this November on 23rd and 24th. No prior knowledge of miniatures is required to attend this workshop. The artist will take the participants through intricacies involved in creating a miniature painting from sketching, grinding and mixing the stone colors, to applying them with special brushes to create their own miniature painting.

To buy authentic miniature paintings call us on +91 9920458957 or contact us on http://www.facebook.com/thekalacafe