Rajasthan Arts – Batik Painting in Udaipur City

Batik Arts of Udaipur City

The process of generating this art form involves a lot of patience and skill. It takes months to create one piece of art form.  Immense imagination and talent goes into composing the artwork over these months.

Batik india

Batik on global warming

On a piece of cloth(usually pure Bangalorean silk/ cotton), different shades of colors are given using wax (beeswax/ paraffin) textures. Hence, color combinations need to be thought about beforehand. We saw interesting batiks – a phad painting of Pabuji (the local deity) – paintings on cloth produced mainly in Bhilwara district of Rajasthan, had been created using batik printing. Batik is a medium and a strong one indeed to express social causes apart from beautiful designs. Did you know that batik prints can be also be designed on eggs?!

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Batik - Krishna with his flute


KalaCafe deals in exclusive interior|exterior decors, art installations, custom designs of authentic Indian art forms like miniature art, terracotta works, batik, etc. – created by our highly experienced traditional artists and an in-house design team. We also organize workshops for art lovers who wish to learn new art forms from only the masters or none. Here, art aficionados get to stay with the artist gurus to learn and experience the process of creating the art form.

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