About Kala Cafe

Many of us often think of escaping chaos of cities. During one such escapades, we happened to stumble upon rich art forms of Rajasthan. That is when we decided to embark on this journey of reaching out to interior pockets in search of true colors of India. In these corners you will find simplistic lifestyles yet varied human cultures. Each one has to offer its own distinct flavor of local art.

KalaCafe collaborates with local craftsmen across these pockets for traditional as well as contemporary product designs. Our catalog comprises of quality and genuine creations.

Explore exclusive interior & outdoors décor, wall art installations and custom designs of authentic Indian art forms like miniature art, terracotta, batiks, block printed fabrics, embroideries, etc with us.

We handle corporate and personalized gifting assignments too. All our projects are undertaken in collaboration with highly experienced traditional Indian artists and our in-house design team. We also export genuine handmade products and fabrics worldwide.

In case of any product related queries or orders, call on +91 9920458957

For regular updates on events and blog posts from us, please ♥like♥ us on http://www.facebook.com/thekalacafe or follow us here!


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