Kutchh Textiles – Block printed in Ajrakhpur


Kutchh has a long history of legendary fabrics, ancient customs of crafts and local flavors in design. Fabric weaving, designing and trading have been identities of several communities for centuries in this part of India.

Age old techniques of each of these crafts lend a rich and distinct flavor to every fabric creation – be it woven, tie & dyed, block – printed or embroidered. Bhuj is the central location in Kutchh from where one gets to access these smaller pockets of these craft treasures.

As you move 14 km east of Bhuj you come across Ajrakhpur – a village well known for its block printing tradition.

Block printing mouldAjrakhpur block printing paste, Kutchh, Gujarat

Ismail Mohammed Khatri and his family have been practising this tradition for decades. Yards of fabric block printed with beautiful designs stamped in ink paste using crafted wooden moulds is a laborious task. But the resulting colorful fabric is intriguingly appealing.

Ajrakhpur block printing, Kutchh, Gujarat-3

Ajrakhpur block printing, Kutchh, Gujarat-8

Ajrakhpur block printing, Kutchh, Gujarat

Sometimes block printed fabrics are also used as base to do embroidery and enhance fabric’s beauty.

Ajrakhpur block printing, Kutchh, Gujarat-9

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